Our Process

At Wisdom Wealth Care, we believe that sound financial planning is an ongoing, multi-step process – not a one-time event. Our primary goal is to help you reach peace of mind about your financial future. As such, we provide comprehensive financial advice and schedule meetings at regular intervals.

Our process contains five simple steps. These steps are designed to make our advisory relationship both convenient and tailored specifically to your unique financial situation.

1)  Discovery Meeting

During our discovery meeting, we will get to know one another and determine if we are compatible as client and advisor. You will learn about our team, qualifications, process, and philosophy. In turn, we will strive to learn about you and your family – what drives you, what's important to you about money, and your financial needs and goals. If we agree that we are a good fit, we will continue with the advisory process.

2)  Plan Preparation

After your discovery meeting, we will carefully analyze your situation, taking into account your long-term goals and the risks to achieving your goals. Using state-of-the-art financial modeling software, as well as long-term financial industry experience, we will prepare a personalized plan to help you attain your goals.

3)  Plan Presentation Meeting

At your second meeting with us, we will discuss the plan we have created for you. This plan serves as a roadmap for your financial success, and we welcome your input on how to make the plan work best for you. Whether you are familiar with or new to financial planning concepts, we will strive to make your plan comprehensible, concise, and actionable. We will lay out your goals and objectives, offer an executive summary on how you're doing currently (including what risks you might face), and suggest specific action steps to take to help you maintain your goals.

4)  Implementation

The implementation phase consists of taking the specific actions we've agreed upon. These actions may include opening accounts, addressing risk by applying for insurance, changing spending habits (up or down), and taking other steps in your financial life such as paying off debt.  During this step, we will complete necessary paperwork and open accounts.

5)  Ongoing Monitoring & Review

Once you are a valued client of Wisdom Wealth Care, will meet to monitor and review your investments and your overall financial health. Part of our service is always being available to answer any questions you have about any aspect of your financial life. We're accessible to our clients via phone or email in the event you want additional financial guidance. We believe our ongoing relationship and consistent review are vital parts of the process, so we will always schedule your next review appointment before you leave our office.

About 1st Global

1st Global was established in 1992 with a core belief that CPAs, estate planning firms, and tax professionals are uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive financial guidance to clients. Firms that affiliate with 1st Global deliver tax-optimized wealth management services to businesses and families. With a broad understanding of your tax situation, your business, your estate, and your entire financial picture, these professionals are specially positioned to provide independent, objective wealth management advice.

1st Global is driven by a belief in personal responsibility and having the discipline to always do the right thing. With a focus on leading academic research, proven best practices, comprehensive financial planning and informed consulting, we have the privilege to provide essential operations, research and support to over 400 CPA and estate planning law firms nationwide.