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A Different Approach

The Integration of Estate Planning Law and Wealth Management Services

We are different, we offer both Estate Planning Advice and Wealth Management Services under one roof. Wisdom Wealth Care is in the same building as Law Offices of Cheryl David, an Estate Planning and Elder Law Center. In fact, NAEPC Board Certified Attorney Cheryl David is also one of our financial planners and she started Wisdom Wealth Care to provide her estate planning clients with needed financial advice. She saw the importance of the integration of these services and has made her life’s work to provide them for your family.

When you use our services, we can assist your family with their financial health during life and with the advice and implementation that is necessary after disability or death occur. 

Most of the time when people seek Estate Planning advice, they go to an Estate Planning Attorney and when they seek Financial Advice they go to a Financial Planner. Often the two service providers never talk, using the client as a go-between, so there is no integration between the estate planning advice and the financial planning advice. 

We believe that because of this lack of integration families often lose money unnecessarily. There must be integration between investing and sustaining assets for day-to-day needs and for addressing needs which may occur in the future, like disability or death. Often, it is too late to put the right plan in place when the future later slaps you with an illness or death. 

When families do not have the tools in place for illness or death, or they do not have a team that deals with both the legal ramifications of financial decisions, they often unnecessarily spend money and lose assets which could otherwise be saved.  For instance, we often see retirement accounts cashed out and families unwisely divesting themselves of assets that should be held onto, never considering the tax and real-life implications of their actions. We want to avoid that for the families under our care.

Since we have both Estate Planning know-how and financial acumen, we can guide families with sound investment advice, estate planning advice, elder law advice and wealth continuity in one place. 

This integration of skills allows your nest egg to grow during life and remain supervised during disability and death. 

If you want to see how we may be able to use our dual approach to estate planning and wealth planning to provide your family with the continuity which comes from our Estate Planning and Elder Law skills as well as our Financial Planning Skills, please contact us.