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Our Philosophy

Wisdom Wealth Care is one of the premier wealth management firms in the Triad area. We utilize a well-balanced approach to wealth management. Our comprehensive financial solutions help our clients grow, protect, and distribute their wealth.

Through a unique combination of proven capabilities and experience, we customize and implement wealth management plans designed to help our clients pursue their financial goals. From addressing their ideal retirement to their desire to help their children and grandchildren fund their education, we aim to assist our clients in their pursuit of true financial peace of mind. 

Our Core Beliefs

We believe wealth is the absence of financial worry and we will constantly strive to help our clients reach and maintain peace of mind.

We believe straightforward and candid conversations are the best way to find out what is truly important to our clients.

We believe in looking at all aspects of your financial, tax, and estate plan so they can work together cohesively.

We believe in giving honest, specific, and actionable advice to all of our clients.


Our Investment Approach

Our investment approach is guided by three core principles that dictate three specific strategies. Through this process, we aim to generate the returns our clients need as they pursue their most important lifetime goals.

Our Three Principles

<strong>Faith in the Future</strong>

Faith in the Future

Market turmoil and economic crises are frightening for everyone, even the most seasoned and disciplined investors. But it is important not to let emotions dictate your financial decisions. If you are fundamentally afraid of the future, you will never be a successful investor.



In this age of instant gratification, investors often feel under constant pressure to be doing something at all times. However, it is often best to be patient and do nothing. Making significant changes in your investment plan based on what the market or economy is doing today is not a sound approach. Patience is a key determinant of your long-term, real life return.



In the world of investing, discipline is about continuing to do the right things in both good and bad markets. The undisciplined investor reacts based on trends and events, allowing fear and greed to determine his or her investment decisions. The disciplined investor sticks with his or her plan regardless of the latest apocalypse du jour. When discipline fails, the plan fails.

Our Three Strategies

<strong>Asset Allocation</strong>

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation, which we define as the mix of stocks, bonds, alternatives and cash in a portfolio, is a significant determinant of portfolio returns. Knowing that your assets are well allocated and invested in accordance with your goals and risk tolerance can give you confidence during periods of inevitable market volatility.*

*Asset allocation and diversification do not ensure a profit or protect against loss in a down market.



Diversification refers to the spreading of risk and reward within an asset class. In its simplest form, it means never owning enough of one thing to make a killing in it, or to risk getting killed by it. Diversification creates balance within a portfolio by making sure the investor owns securities with many different companies in order to minimize individual business risk.



Rebalancing means taking the portfolio back to its original and desired long-term composition at regular intervals. By carefully monitoring your asset allocation over time, and rebalancing when needed, we can help ensure your portfolio remains compatible with your goals and risk tolerance.

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