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Wisdom Wealth Care offers an integrated full-service approach to wealth management to help you achieve your financial goals. We work with you to preserve and grow your wealth by providing a high level of service and support throughout the planning process.  While there are multiple ways we work with clients, the main way we serve our clients is as their primary financial advisor. 

This relationship is most appropriate for someone who wants a trusted advisor and wealth management services that aligns your financial choices with your personal goals and values and wants a detailed comprehensive analysis of their financial status associated with their important goals.   Our practice offers breadth and diversity in skills and experience. Expect personalized, one-on-one service by a team of seasoned professionals with in-depth knowledge in many fields. 

Retirement Planning

Retirement is the primary goal for most of our clients, therefore it is often our primary focus.  We use a variety of strategies to help clients make sure they do not outlive their money. 

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Investment Planning

Investments are a set of tools that we use to help address our clients needs.  We have an investment philosophy that can apply to any risk tolerance, age or time horizon

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Tax Planning

Tax planning influences everything we do with our clients.  It is not necessarily how much you make that matters, rather how much you keep.

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Estate Planning

We believe everyone needs an estate plan.  It is not an ‘if’, but rather ‘when’ you will die or become disabled and need one. 

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Insurance & Risk Management

No plan can be complete without risk management.  Some of the risks that are most likely to derail a financial plan are an untimely death, becoming too sick or too hurt to continue working, or an extended long term care need.

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Education Planning

Education funding is important to many of our clients.  We guide clients to identify the strategies and timing of support to make best use of the available resources.

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Special Situations

While there any number of special situations that could arise during a financial plan, the special situations we encounter the most often are Medicaid planning, and planning for a disabled child or dependent.

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