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Special Situations

While there are any number of special situations that could arise during a financial plan, the special situations we encounter most often, that can be the most financially and emotionally difficult are Medicaid planning, and a disabled child or dependent.

  • Parents who are caring for a disabled child often worry about how the child will be cared for when something happens to them. We work closely with the Law Offices of Cheryl David.  The attorney prepares the documents to identify who will be in charge of the child’s care, and their money – often not the same person.  We work to make sure the money is invested properly to provide funding for the needed care and as an additional resource make sure the rules are followed so that the disabled child still qualifies for all federal and state benefits.
  • We often see clients who think they need to spend everything they have and go broke to get on Medicaid. This is not the case.  We can help our clients receive the care and help they need without going broke.  This planning is strongest and most effective when done before our clients are sick. However, there are often strategies to save something, especially real estate or for the spouse of a client receiving care.

While there are emergency measures than can be taken in any situation, it is almost always better to plan and take steps towards mitigating emergencies before they happen.

Frequently Asked Question About Special Situations

  • Does Medicare cover long term care?
    • Medicare will cover a maximum of 100 days in a skilled nursing facility, if you meet several of Medicare’s requirements. Everything after those 100 days will be out of pocket unless you have long term care insurance.

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