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Education Funding

Education funding is important to many of our clients.  While many of our clients have already helped their children through the college years, many have grandchildren, or even great grandchildren they want to help.  We guide clients to identify the strategies and timing of support to make best use of the available resources, including Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  We use tax free growth 529 Plans, select investments within them to fit the timing and needs of the student, and help make distributions from it at the appropriate times. 

Many of our clients have children or grandchildren they want to ensure get a successful start after school.  As an additional, no charge, service we meet with our client’s family and educate them on how to navigate their financial lives while entering the work force.  We believe this is a crucial time in a person’s life, and it is much easier to start your financial life with good habits, than it is to break bad habits.

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