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Tax Planning

Tax planning touches everything we do with our clients.  It is not necessarily how much you make that matters, rather how much you get to keep after taxes.  With every move we make, we take into consideration the tax impact.  Sometimes the move that saves you taxes today, can actually cost you even more taxes in the future.  We take a long term, sometimes even multi-generational, view to the tax effects of any big decisions we help clients make. 

We can help you decide on which mix of investment vehicles will be the most beneficial to you, and your family.  This could include ROTH or Traditional IRA, Employer sponsored retirement funds  such as a 401k, 403b, TSP, SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA, Tax Managed accounts and more.

While we do not actually prepare tax returns, we can work closely with your tax professional to make sure you structure your affairs to take best advantage of the opportunities available in the tax code. 

It is part of our service model to keep track of you and what’s going on in your life so we can advise you on some of the tax strategies that might save you hundreds or thousands of dollars, each.  These could include:

  • Tax loss Harvesting
  • Funding an IRA
  • ROTH Conversions
  • Selling tax lots with the least capital gain first
  • Annuity/Life Insurance 1035 Exchanges
  • Self Employed Retirement Plans
  • Spending order in retirement
  • Advise on ROTH vs Traditional

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