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Jamestown, NC Financial Planner

Protecting Your Family With Smart Financial Advice

Jamestown has a long and rich history, going back to 1752 before Greensboro or even the founding of The United States. Jamestown has a small-town atmosphere that allows for a deep sense of community and togetherness and promotes education and freedom. At Wisdom Wealth Care we share these values. We are proud to serve the Jamestown’s residents in reaching their financial goals.

Wisdom Wealth Care is one of the leading wealth management teams in the Triad area. We use a-balanced approach to wealth management. Our thorough financial strategies help our clients grow, protect, and distribute their wealth. Through a unique mix of proven capabilities and experience, we customize and implement wealth management plans that help our clients pursue their financial goals. From addressing their perfect retirement to their goal of helping their children and grandchildren fund college, we aim to assist our clients in their pursuit of true financial peace of mind.

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Our Financial Services

  • Financial Planning - We believe that better choices lead to better outcomes.  We use powerful financial planning software, filtered through our decades of experience to help guide the path forward.  We aid our clients in making better decisions to give themselves the best chance for financial success.  Whenever our clients face an important financial decision, we set up a meeting specifically to think through options and help them make the best decision in their unique situation.
  • Investment Planning - We believe the best investments are those that are simple and effective.  We use strategies backed by rigorous, long standing and continuing academic research to build portfolios that are effective, straightforward and understandable.  Any investment you do not understand is one you are more likely to sell when markets drop, making it a bad investment.  We believe the best investment for you is the one that gives you the best chance of successfully reaching your financial goals. 
  • Retirement Planning - We believe retirement, or the work optional lifestyle, is the main financial goal for most of our clients. We focus on providing guidance on the important issues of: When can you stop working? How much should you save for retirement? How should you be invested? How much can you spend monthly in retirement, without running out of income?This involves striking a balance between spending now and investing for the future. We want you to have confidence that your future will be sound, while not skimping so much that your present is unpleasant. We use robust software and decades of shared experience to give personalized, data driven advice on how to have a successful retirement, whatever that means to you.
  • Estate Planning - We believe everyone needs an estate plan.  It is not an ‘if’, but rather ‘when’ you will die or become disabled and an estate plan becomes crucial.  We realize that securing your legacy is important to you and your family. We get to know you and those important to you, so that when the time comes for someone else to handle your affairs, everything runs according to your wishes and as smoothly as possible. We partner with The Law Offices of Cheryl David to ensure your wishes are followed.
  • Insurance & Risk Management - We believe in protecting what is important.  No plan is complete without considering risk management and insurance.  We help our clients manage the risks of untimely death, disability, or an extended long term care need.  Insurance is one of the many tools that we can use to manage these risks.  We help our clients examine what risks they are willing to take, and which risks they would rather pay someone else to take for them.

Top Questions We Receive

  • What should I invest in? - We help our clients invest in an asset allocated, diversified portfolio that is periodically rebalanced. The intent is to provide as much return for our clients, considering the amount of risk they are willing to take.
  • How can I legally avoid paying taxes on my investments? - One of the easiest ways to ensure your investments are tax efficient is by considering retirement plans such as IRAs, ROTH IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, 401k’s and other employer retirement plans. With these plans you are able to defer taxes until you are retired, and hopefully in a lower tax bracket.  Or with a ROTH pay taxes now and all future growth can be tax free.


If you would like to learn more about what services we offer, please send us an email at or give us a call at 336-218-9344.  We look forward to speaking with you!