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McLeansville, NC Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor in McLeansville, NC

McLeansville is a small community that is close to our heart at Wisdom Wealth Care as it is the hometown to one of our team members, David Frank.  McLeansville may not offer much to the community in the way of entertainment and nightlife, but there are an abundant amount of nature trails and parks for families to enjoy.  What the town may be best known for is that it is home to American Idol contestant Chris Daughtry, an artist that brings a unique take on a traditional sound. Like Chris, we at Wisdom Wealth Care strive to bring a unique outlook on traditional financial strategies.

Wisdom Wealth Care is a leading wealth management team in the Triad area that utilizes a holistic approach to financial planning. Our comprehensive financial strategies help our clients to grow, safeguard, and enjoy the wealth they have worked so hard to amass. Through a combination of proven capabilities and extensive experience in the industry, we create and implement financial plans and wealth management strategies designed to help our clients reach their financial goals. Our process is designed to give us an understanding as to what a successful retirement looks like in our clients’ eyes so that we can provide them with true financial peace of mind.

As logic would suggest, better decisions lead to better outcomes. We use our robust financial planning software, filtered through our decades of industry experience, to guide our clients to better choices in the face of critical financial decisions. Though there may be many choices when faced with a fork in your road to retirement, we aim to guide our clients down the path that leaves them with the highest chance for financial success.

Their sheer amount of potential financial strategies can be very overwhelming to anyone outside of the financial industry. An investment you do not understand is one that you are more likely to sell as markets trend downwards, making it a bad investment. At Wisdom Wealth Care, we believe the best investments are those that are simple and effective. We implement strategies supported by long standing and ongoing academic research to build portfolios that are effective, straightforward, and understandable.

For most of us, a successful retirement is our primary financial goal. We have specialized our practice in providing guidance to answering the important questions like: When will I be able to retire? What should I be investing in? How much should I save for my retirement? How much can I spend in retirement? It can be a delicate balance between spending now and investing for the future. We seek to provide our clients with confidence in their financial future, while also enjoying their financial present.

No plan is complete without the consideration of risk management. An untimely death, disability or need for extended long term care are risks that everyone is exposed to. Insurance is one of the many instruments that can be used to mitigate some of these risks. Wisdom Wealth Care helps to examine what risks our clients are willing to take, and which risks they would prefer to insure against.

In addition to a financial plan, we believe everyone needs an estate plan. As we all know, it is not an ‘if’, but rather ‘when’ you will die or become disabled. At that moment, your estate plan becomes essential. As part of our process, we get to know your wishes and those family, friends and causes that are important to you. We partner with the Law Office of Cheryl David to ensure that your estate plan is up to date and that your wishes are followed.

If you are interested in learning more about what services Wisdom Wealth Care has to offer, or if you simply have specific questions, please feel free to contact us by email at or phone at (336) 218-9344. We are eager to support the McLeansville community!