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Whitsett, NC Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor in Whitsett, NC

Whitsett is a small town on the outskirts of Greensboro and Burlington. Whitsett was founded by German pioneers that settled in the area before the Civil War, and, being a small town, the roots of the settlement are still visible in the community today. A prime example being the popular local brewery, Red Oak, led by a German-born brew master. A considerable amount of Greensboro and Burlington locals may drive through Whitsett on their daily commutes without even noticing, but what they will notice (and have likely tasted) is the Red Oak Brewery. At Wisdom Wealth Care, we share the value of embracing our roots and sharing our traditions.

Wisdom Wealth Care has been a leading financial firm in the local Triad area for over 15 years. Our team utilizes a holistic approach to assist our clients with their financial planning and wealth management. Our financial strategies aim to help our clients grow, protect, and enjoy their wealth. From planning for retirement to creating a budget for your child in college, we aim to provide our clients with complete financial peace of mind.

In short, we believe that better decisions lead to better outcomes. We use our robust financial planning software and tools to better lead our clients to those “better decisions.” Anytime our clients are faced with a critical financial decision, we will provide and discuss options to help guide them to the best decision for their specific situation.

As we all know, planning for the future can be overwhelming when considering the complexities of understanding and applying successful financial strategies. At Wisdom Wealth Care, we believe the best investments are those that are effective, straightforward, and understandable. An investment that you do not understand is one you will be more likely to forego when markets begin trending down, making it a bad investment choice. We recognize and follow the principle that the best investment for you is the one that gives you the best chance of reaching your financial goals.

Successful retirement is a primary financial goal for most of our clients, as it likely is for you. We have specialized our practice to focus on guiding our clients to a successful retirement by addressing the following questions: When will I be able to retire? What should I be investing in? How much should I have saved before retirement? How much will I be able to spend in retirement? The balance of spending now for current needs and investing for your future is always shifting. By answering these questions, we hope to provide you with confidence that you are building a safe future while also living to your fullest in the now.

We believe in helping you protect what is important. It is a necessity to consider all risks involved that could disrupt a successful plan, such as an untimely death, disability, or the need for long term care. Insurance is one of our many tools that can be used to mitigate these risks. We assist in helping our client identify what risks they are willing to take, and which risks they would prefer to insure against.

In addition to financial planning, everyone needs an estate plan. As we all know, it is not an ‘if’, but rather ‘when’ you will die. This is not the easiest of subjects to approach, but an estate plan is essential to protecting your legacy and what is important to you and your family. As part of our process at Wisdom Wealth Care, we get to know not only you, but also those important to you. We partner with The Law Office of Cheryl David to ensure that you have the most up to date estate planning documents, and that they truly reflect your wishes.

If you are interested in learning more about our team and how we help our clients reach their goals, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at or to give us a call at (336) 218-9344. We look forward to hearing from you!